Street Photography & Street Style

With Sara Scarlet 10.10. and 11.10. in Ghent

Intensive workshop
Street Photography & Street Style 

With Sara Scarlet in charming Ghent

Saturday 10.10.2020
Street photography

Sunday 11.20.2020
Street style with Sara Scarlet

For everyone who wants to take their street, portrait and travel photography to the next level.

Street Photography on Saturday

145 euros, 5 participants

Street style on Sunday

195 euros, 5 participants. including model release

Both days together

285 euros

Travel and COVID-19
Times are difficult and unpredictable.

do you wanna be there Then use the booking form!
The event will only take place if Corona allows it! If not, I'll try to find a new date with the participants, but of course you can cancel and get your deposit back!

Hotel recommendation:
Getaway Studios Ghent
(or as close as possible)

Schedule Day 1 - Street Photography

Saturday we will meet for an early lunch. After a round of introductions, I will share my thoughts on street photography with you and give you a few tips. Story telling, framing, light are all part of it, but of course also my approach to street photography. Keyword collectors and hunters 🙂

We then move through the charming old town, but also through less romantic areas that are no less exciting.

A must in Ghent is a visit to a Frituur, we will then also discuss where we will go at the blue hour for atmospheric panoramas of one of the most beautiful squares in Ghent.

If you like, you can have a beer in a nearby bar afterwards...

Due to the corona, there will be no photo reviews on site, but they will be made up online about 2-3 weeks after the event.



Schedule Day 2 - Streetstyle with Sara Scarlet

On Saturday we used the blue hour to take photos and we will also use the morning light and leave for a photo location before breakfast. Bring your tripods!

After breakfast you have a short rest before we meet Sara

Sara lives in Ghent and will show us not only the classic locations but also hidden places in Ghent.

Depending on the number of participants and mood, we will walk her through the city for 4-5 hours and take photos with her in street style.  

Here, too, we first meet for lunch, where we theoretically tackle the topics of street style, framing and storytelling and then implement it with Sara.

The practical part then begins at 2:00 p.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m.





The event is suitable for beginners, but also for advanced photographers who want to delve deeper into street and street fashion photography or the design of light on location; or just want to expand your portfolio.

Please bring a camera with manual adjustment options and a flash shoe with a central contact (just let us know if you have any questions!)

The lenses should have focal lengths that are suitable for the different portraits, i.e. approx. 24 to 85mm in 35mm format. Luminous intensities of 1.8 to 2.8 are advantageous, but not absolutely necessary.

We want to include the environment and not let it sink into the blur!

Tripods are advantageous for locations in the early morning and during the blue hour, but do not have to be carried around all day.

As in all my workshops, analog cameras are welcome and I'm happy to borrow some and bring films if a participant is interested. Then please let us know in advance.

ghent jpg Dietmar Sebastian Fischer
Cover photo:
Photography & styling by Zhen Images
MU & hairstyling: Frances Folies

The model

A while ago I had the opportunity to meet Sara and shoot with her.

That was quite inspiring and that's how the photo trip to Ghent came about as a joint project idea.

Sara has been a professional model for many years. You can tell, she is very professional at work but also just as friendly and cordial in her personal dealings. It is therefore really fun to work with her.

 I have here a small selection of the pictures we took together. You can find more of her on the Sara Scarlet's home page or on her Instagram account @sarascarletmodel. You can see how versatile she is. I hope you are as excited as I am 🙂

Ghent - a charming city

I came to love and appreciate Ghent many years ago, it is a real pearl between the larger and more famous cities like Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges. Somehow it's like in my home country: Heidelberg is surrounded by larger cities, but none is as beautiful!

From the Middle Ages to industrial modernity, we will find everything in a fairly small space. Perfect for a photo weekend. Speaking of photo weekends: Our focus is on taking photos, we will also get culinary, cultural and historical impressions, but whenever the light is perfect, we take photos 🙂

I still want you for inspiration @visitgent  recommend, a very varied and atmospheric collection of images from different photographers.

street style

Here is a collection of street style pictures that were taken at previous workshops.

My thoughts on street style photography, why I like it so much and there are more pictures in mine Blog post about street style photography.


Your workshop leader

My pictures should not show what I saw at the moment of taking the picture, but what I felt. 

That's what I try to convey to my workshop participants: break away from technology and concentrate on your visual language. 

Skilful use of light and successful image composition are more important than outstanding camera technique.

190222 0003 Dietmar web 1 jpg Dietmar Sebastian Fischer

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