Dietmar Sebastian Fischer ExpoStation Areal C

Expo station area C

must see & must shoot!

Dietmar Sebastian Fischer ExpoStation Areal C
Dietmar Sebastian Fischer ExpoStation Areal C
Dietmar Sebastian Fischer ExpoStation Areal C

must see

Writings are what we commonly know as graffiti or street art. 

I love it and when exploring foreign cities, the street art scene is almost always on the agenda for me.

It goes without saying that in cities like Havana, Hong Kong, Bucharest or Berlin you will find a lively scene and very different styles.

Mannheim has with City Wall Art for example a mural project worth seeing. 

And in Karlsruhe works are currently being created that will be completed by October 31st. can be seen as part of the ExpoStation on Area C. After that, with the exception of the NCO Club, all buildings that belonged to the former Amissiedling will be demolished and a new district will be created, the Zukunft Nord.

Must Shoot

The area is not only ideal for visiting and being amazed, but in my opinion it is also a fantastic playground for photographers. The melancholy of the ephemeral meets colourful, trendy paintings (ahem, writings...). Architectural photography is just as possible here as street photography, you can work with a tripod or shoot from the hip, just as you like.

I'm not a fan of photographing other people's works of art, because the photographer's height is often not too high, but if you take photographs of the pictures in the context of their surroundings and thereby perhaps add your own story to them, then it becomes good for me photographically interesting. And as I said, there are enough possibilities! 

Photo Walk

23 October 11:00 a.m

On 10/23 you can accompany me twice through area C. From 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. there will be a photo walk through the ExpoStation with Lichtwert eV, some of which will also be accompanied by one of the artists and organizers. We look at the works in the main station together with him and have the opportunity for an art talk with the artist.


street portrait

23 October 3:00 p.m

At the workshop in the afternoon we will deal with the street portrait.

Unlike the street style workshops in the past, where I deliberately put the focus on available light, this time we will really flash!

Regardless of the sun and sky, we can create light situations with a strong Porty and create expressive portraits.  


21 10 01 lwk photowalk dietmar sebastian fischer jpg Dietmar Sebastian Fischer
KA Street Portrait Workshop mit Cathy Colormonster jpg Dietmar Sebastian Fischer

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