General terms and conditions and conditions of participation for workshops, experiences and coaching

§ 1 Scope

1. The following provisions regulate every form of personal participation in workshops, coaching and events by Dietmar Sebastian Fischer in the entire area and as such are a direct component of the respective contractual relationship between Dietmar Sebastian Fischer (hereinafter referred to as "DSF") and the individual participants.

2. Participants in this sense are all photographers, models, make-up artists, stylists and any other person who is on set with the consent of DSF.

§ 2 Participation and program changes

1. Participation as well as travel to and from the event is at your own expense, unless expressly agreed otherwise between the individual parties. Necessary expenses will not be reimbursed.                                                                                                 

2. In order to be able to react to local peculiarities, program changes are possible before and during the event.

§ 3 Registration / Revocation / Cancellation

1. Registration for the workshop must only be made in writing by email to or via the respective form for the workshop below to take place. The payment of the participation fee is due immediately. 

2. Withdrawal 

The legal regulations according to § 312g Abs. 2 Nr. 9 BGB apply to our workshops and experiences.

You will find the detailed regulations on the right of withdrawal here.

2. Cancellation

If the event is canceled (particularly because DSF is ill or there are not enough participants in the workshop), the participants will be refunded the participation fees paid immediately. The participant has no entitlement to performance or further reimbursement.

§ 4 Rights of Use

1. The models each receive the irrevocable right to use the images provided to them by the photographer on a voluntary basis for self-promotion purposes (sed card, homepage, model portfolio) for an unlimited period of time.

2. Insofar as other participants than the participating model can be seen in the photos, it must be ensured that images may not be published or distributed without the consent of all the people depicted in them. It is also important to ensure that non-accredited persons are generally not photographed. 

§ 5 Making Of Photos/Videos

1. DSF will, at its own discretion, have video and/or photo material made of the workshop as such, which will also show the participants. The participants agree to this.

2. Each participant allows DSF to use the created image and film material for documentation and self-promotion purposes on the Internet or in other media. The consent is irrevocable and is generally valid for an unlimited period. However, it only applies if the publication does not violate the legitimate interests of the person depicted, such as the depiction in a distorting or compromising manner. 

Section 6 Liability

1. DSF assumes no liability for damage suffered by participants on arrival or departure, nor for items lost during the event.

2. DSF is only liable for damage to property if this is caused by intentional or grossly negligent breaches of duty by DSF or its vicarious agents.

3. DSF is generally not liable for personal injury or damage to property of any kind incurred by the participant due to intentional or grossly negligent misconduct by other participants. For the rest, SL is only liable for damage caused by individual participants if DSF or its vicarious agents are independently responsible. In particular, DSF is not liable as a mere disturbance of the condition, cause of a purpose or based on the idea of liability for the responsibility for rooms. Since the events are designed to work together with an indefinite number of changing participants, the assumption that DSF is at fault for selection is generally out of the question.

4. DSF assumes no liability for the reliability of the individual participants and, in particular, is not liable for their professional or personal suitability.

5. DSF is not liable for the unauthorized publication, distribution or other copyright infringements committed by individual participants or by means of photos taken by them in the context of photo shoots or otherwise to the detriment of other participants.

6. The above exclusions of liability only apply insofar as there are no mandatory legal regulations to the contrary.

§ 7 Warning / exclusion

1. The instructions of DSF and/or its vicarious agents must be followed. If a participant violates workshop rules or instructions, he can be warned and, in the event of a repeat violation, be excluded from the event.

2. DSF reserves the right to exclude participants from the workshop without prior warning in the event of continued or particularly gross violations.

3. Excluded participants remain obliged to pay the full participation fee.

§ 8 Final Provisions

1. Deviating agreements are only effective if they have been expressly agreed with DSF.

2. If individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are ineffective, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In this case, the parties undertake to include an appropriate, effective substitute regulation.

3. Place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the respective contractual relationship is Heidelberg.