Vernissage Ausstellung 8001 Heidelberg

Impressions from the exhibition 8001 in Heidelberg

Photographic essays from Cuba around the Welthaus in Heidelberg

Organizing a lavish party was not entirely possible due to the pandemic, but we have already celebrated the opening of exhibition 8001 in my home town of Heidelberg! There was even music. Real music and live! Til and Bettina were able to impress with Latin American songs and created a suitable setting for the opening ceremony.

After the Lord Mayor of Heidelberg, Prof. Dr. Würzner, Fariborz Abdolmalaki from SoliConCuba Heidelberg and I welcomed the guests, we went through the exhibition together and talked about the pictures by Antonio Hernández and I, how they came about, life and the people in Cuba, but also about the current situation. 

Because of the pandemic and the now 60 Years During the US blockade, life is getting really difficult for Cubans.


A few pictures from the opening of the exhibition. 

Many thanks to Nicole Stamm and Stefan Engler for your pictures!


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