Venedig: Canale Grande Langzeitbelichtung

Venice: Portrait in 11 pictures

A portrait of Venice? Maybe that has to limit something. 

Hardly any city is as touristy as Venice. 

Usually, the people who live in a place have a big impact on how it comes across to me. It's different in Venice. 

The Venetians are friendly, but no longer really interested in the crowds that come to their city every day, often just take a few selfies and are gone again in the evening. 

You can't blame them. 

I didn't want to bother the Venetians I met with my camera and I didn't look for them (but found some anyway) and focused more on the architecture.

Venice is also a city with an incredible amount of charm and character. The canals, alleys and palaces make it easy to imagine what it might have been like here in the past. 

Yes, you can travel through the centuries very easily here...

Venice: Portrait in 11 pictures

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