Street Style Workshop in Karlsruhe

Impressions of the workshop participants

Sometimes I'm proud of what the workshop participants show me in the photo reviews. It was the same at the last photo review for the street style workshop with Annchristin in Karlsruhe. Here are the pictures of Henrik Schnabel, Stefan Winkler, Daniel Marcao, Sebastian Werner and me.

As different as the image results may be, the result is a beautiful series with elements from street photography, portrait photography, reportage photography and of course street style. 

The tools were also extremely different: Two participants took photos with their Mamiya 645 cameras, one had his Leica M Monochrom with him, a camera I had my doubts about whether it would make sense for me, but now I only have I still doubt if I can afford it... 

Of course, it was also possible to take pictures with the very mundane mirrorless systems from Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji and Canon, which some of the participants and I had with us. The main thing is that everyone has the tools they can handle.

We had a lot of fun and I wish you that when looking at the pictures.

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Strasbourg Street Style with Vera Iurciuc September 24, 2022

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Akt workshop karlsruhe - Skulpturaler Akt

Good Light – Good Nite – Fine Art Nude / Sculptural Nude

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Body & Light – Workshop Sensual Nude Photography in Karlsruhe

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Strasbourg Street Style with Vera Iurciuc on 3/12/23

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