Workshop Nude City with Ira Berdnyk in Düsseldorf

235,00  VAT included.

Sunday 11 September 09:00 to 15:00

Inclusive online meeting for preparation and photo discussion before and after the actual workshop

Nude City with Ira Berdnyk

intimate portraits – fine art nudes

Max 4 participants, 235 EUR

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Street Portrait & Street Style Photography

A street portrait and street style workshop with Ira Berdnyk. We move through the city with Ira and take photos in the style of classic street styles and street portraits

Public Nude Portrait & Nude Street Style

However, it will be a bit more erotic than the classic street workshops I have given in recent years: we will do sensual nude photography with Ira in the city.
No clumsy nudity but cheeky, erotic picture compositions in the middle of the city. Because this only makes sense for brief moments, we will work in a very small group with a maximum of 4 participants.


Sensual, intimate photography

Tell a whole story with a picture, whether as a classic portrait, nude, covered nude, the drawers don't play a role. For me, intimacy comes from closeness and not from nudity.

I will show you my way of portrait and nude photography and give you the space you need to develop or refine your style.

The light

Anyone who knows me knows how important this is to me. Fine image composition and lighting are also important for nude motifs, so that we can create aesthetic, sensual images. I show how I do it without tools.

The model

Ira is a model with a very unique charisma, she will make it easy for us to implement our ideas and create extraordinary pictures.

Whether nude or portrait. You put your focus on the subject. And she will be great!

The picture series

A report or a story. Told in a picture or a series. We plan it and implement it. The result is a series of photos in which no image is boring, no image is superfluous and the viewer is not missing anything.


08/09/22: 19:00-21:00  
Presentation and preparation for the workshop on Sunday.
We discuss ideas for the coming Sunday, I make suggestions and you are welcome too. I'll tell you something about my approach and show you my work and how it came about.

This is optional, you can participate, but of course you don't have to.

9/11/22: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m   

We have plenty of time to take pictures with Ira, enough time to exchange ideas.
I am always happy to advise you, show my ideas, but I also give you your freedom with the model. As you wish.

The city belongs to Ira. And U.S! We walk, discover and develop motifs, prepare them and then shoot. As fast or as slow as we want.


Before we pick up the camera, let's take our time to establish a relationship with Ira. This is necessary in order to be able to deal with each other in a trusting and respectful manner later on.

Intensive preparation takes place via video conference, as does the debriefing when your pictures are ready.
I also like to show how I turn the negative or RAW image that comes out of the camera into a finished image.


A few weeks I the workshop

Debriefing via Zoom.
We show our results and discuss them. We will discuss the date for this during the workshop.


Analog photography

More and more photographers come to my workshops who only take analog photos. I do it and I'm happy to help!

I am also happy to provide a 35mm camera (Nikon or Minolta) or a 6×6 Yashica. Then just let me know in time


I take digital photos with Fuji, I also have fantastic lenses here that you as a participant are welcome to use.

It would be nice if you had lenses in the 35mm to 856mm range with you, the camera then plays a subordinate role.


Beginner in people photography or advanced photographer? I'm sure you'll take something away from this workshop and it won't just be beautiful pictures.






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