Good Lite - Good Nite

Under this motto, a new workshop series will start in February, once a month in the middle of the week in the evening.

It will always be about people photography and good light. 


I bring lighting ideas with me, present them and you will find them already set up in the studio and you can take photos with the model in a relaxed manner and then bring in your own lighting ideas, which we will implement together. 


There is also a pizza and a beer... The pizza is included, the drinks can be bought cheaply at Lichtwert.

We take photos from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (exception: nudes: then an hour longer)

They take turns taking pictures, but the other participants can watch and make themselves comfortable. 

As for the light, we will have a set with a flashing light as well as one with a permanent light.


portrait photography

Exciting light settings for extraordinary portraits. Let yourself be surprised. Or bring your ideas with you.

Model: tba

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