Barcelona Experience

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Barcelona Experience

A photo trip to one of the most fascinating cities in Spain:

Street Photography Street Style & Street Portrait

Discover the city with models that change every day

Barcelona Sensual Nude

photograph with 2 – 3 models (tba) in beautiful daylight studios with a great atmosphere
On a Day in the Morning/Dusk Light City Nudes: Stylish partial nudes in the city

early bird

The first participants still have an influence on the selection of the models and get a significant discount on the workshop price.

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Pictures: Participants of the Barcelona Experience 2022: Andreas, Manuel, Marco, Tamer, Victor and the fischeye

Street and street style photography in Barcelona

Discover the streets of Barcelona together and photograph authentic street style and street portraits with great models.

Go on a tour of discovery, develop your skills photographically and have fun doing it.

Having enough time for good picture compositions and being in the right place at the right time.

Tapas, die Atmosphäre, das Licht, den Wein geniessen, vielleicht auch etwas fachsimpeln… Darum geht es!



Dei Models vom letzten Jahr haben größtenteils schon zugesagt, ausserdem werden dieses Jahr Ira und Vera mit dabei sein!

With vera werden wir eine Street Style Fotografie Session und mit Ira ein Nude in Public Shooting machen.


Vera auf Instagram:

Ira auf Instagram:



How long and intensively you deal with photography is not important. We will all develop further and support each other in this.

The experience does not require any special physical condition, but unfortunately it is not suitable for people with restricted mobility.


  • street photography
    The classic: people, architecture, patterns, light, reflections, movement, situations
  • handling light
    For example, images photographed against the light are often thrown away. Or real highlights!
    No matter how the weather is there, we will have exciting light situations or look for and find them
  • image composition
    Recognizing and consciously staging reflections, movement, colours, lines and shapes
  • portrait
    Street portraits - lighting and composition
  • street style
    it's a bit like staged street photography. Let's be honest: we've probably all seen a motif but haven't had the time to wait for the right person to complete the motif. Although we photograph Vera, we consciously include the city in the composition
  • Architecture, long exposure and blue hour
    Capture the evening mood and abstract bit of motion blur in a targeted manner
    A mini tripod or smaller Gorillapod with L-bracket or something similar is enough.
    Tripods that dangle outside of the backpack all day are more of a burden
  • Story telling and reportage photography
    With tasks and instructions, I support you in creating coherent reports.
    We will have visited the locations where we work with models in advance and have already taken pictures that will then tell a story together with the street style pictures.

Analog photography

As in all my workshops, analog cameras are welcome. I'm also happy to borrow a camera and bring films if a participant is interested. Then please let us know in advance.

Pictures: Shooting locations & participants of the Barcelona Experience 2022: Andreas, Manuel, Marco, Tamer, Victor and the fischeye

Sensual Nude

We take photos with different models every day at different locations in the city and in beautiful daylight studios with the special charm and in the Mediterranean light!

In the evenings we walk through the city together, enjoy and let the day end.




Es wird kein Fotokurs, bei dem gezeigt wird, was „man“ machen sollte und was nicht, sondern um Inspiration und Denkanstöße. Ich stehe Euch immer zum Austausch zur Verfügung, ihr solltet aber auch untereinander inspirierend wirken.

  • Conceptual preparation of a fine art nude shoot
  • How is a series of images created? Which images are included to make them exciting for the viewer? What should be avoided?
  • How can we tell a story with our photo series?
  • handling light. We read the existing light and use it to create atmospheric images
  • Image composition, natural motifs that harmonize the model and the environment. The environment does not disturb, does not have to become bokeh but is a dense part of the image composition
  • dealing with the model
  • The finished picture is not created in the camera. With the triggering we have laid a foundation stone.
    I show how I edit my pictures to show what I felt when I took them.


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