Rock'n'Roll at the Weekender in Walldorf

The Rock'n'Roll' Weekender in Walldorf has been the Mecca for fans of Rock'n'Roll, Boogie, Jive, Swing, Rockabilly, beautiful vintage cars and vintage style for over twenty years.

Andy Widder held the 21st in 2022. Rock'n'Roll Weekender in Walldorf. A terrific festival and a wonderful journey through time.

Great cars, great people and great music.

Together with Stefan Engler I was allowed to accompany the concerts and the event as a photographer and show you here an excerpt from my photo reportage in two parts, each with a color film and a black and white film originated are.

I think both photo series convey the great atmosphere at this event, it was really a big celebration with many, many friends! 

And a bit of a journey through time... 

Rock'n'Roll Weekend Walldorf 2023:
The dates are fixed: 27.5.-29.5.2023 
Hope 2CU again!


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