Portrait mit Rolleiflex in Havanna - behind the scenes


people and their history

A portrait series made in Cuba

Persona is a series of portraits created during my last two trips to Havana in 2019. 

It shows people who live in Havana in their home environment.

Some of them are people introduced by Antonio Hernandez, a Havana photographer who is a close friend of mine. But I also got to know some of the people by chance during my walks through the old town.

I am showing the first part of the series as part of a solo exhibition:

The exhibition will open with a vernissage on July 12, 2019 at 8:00 p.m Lichtwert eV in Karlsruhe, you are cordially invited!

On display are analogue, hand-exposed fine art prints, some of which were created in Havana in the darkroom by Antonio Hernandez, who for me is a really great teacher for working in the darkroom and, above all, a motivator to work analogue again. 


It was somehow also a really good feeling not only to come home with memory cards full of pictures, but also with a box full of 40x40cm prints.

So on my first trip to Havana, I was involved more as Antonio's assistant in the development of the prints.

That's why I'm particularly proud of the prints I made myself at the Kalamari Club in Heidelberg. The darkroom here was my home for days.

All images are enlarged from 6×6 cm medium format negatives directly onto various Ilford and Foma fine art baryte papers.

The portraits were taken with a Rolleiflex 6008.

But I still find it much more important than the technology and the materials used to create the paper prints. 


Show a selection of the pictures from the exhibition here, starting with Sergio's pictures. 


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