Myanmar, wet plate look

Myanmar: Impressions from another world

people and their history

Somewhere at the entrance to a temple built into a stalactite cave, I found a sign.

It explains paradise:

Myanmar is different. Just as the Christian religions shape the cityscape and life in our country, Buddhism does the same over there.

A primitive, devout Buddhism has survived in Myanmar. Children from all walks of life are educated in the numerous convent schools, which often replace state schools.

But the monks also determine the life of adults in Myanmar. For a long time they stood for peaceful coexistence, but now they are also creating a mood against people of other faiths.

Whether we were in Bagan, at Inle Lake or in the south by the sea, it was a completely different world everywhere.

But somehow not. A place in Buddhist heaven also needs to be earned. So you are not allowed to kill animals with hot water or oil, steal or lie and of course not believe in false gods....


Persecuted and disenfranchised - the Rohingya

1 million refugees and displaced persons

The situation in Myanmar is serious and will be on the Welthungerhilfe website regularly updated. Please stop by there and see if you want to help. 

But I would also like to show the pictures from Myanmar in 2020, precisely because the situation is completely different than in 2014, when Nicole and I traveled through Myanmar.

At that time, the military government was still in power, but there was a mood of upheaval in the air everywhere: Aung San Suu Kyi was about to take over power from the military government in free elections that were already planned, it was a very, very peaceful people, at least for outsiders and country.

We were also in the southwest in the Rohingya area and spent relaxing days at Ngapali Beach.  

Can't imagine what happened there afterwards. 

And while the Rohingya are the largest, but not the only persecuted minority in Myanmar. 

I developed the images in Adobe Lightroom and then post-processed them with Alien Skin Exposure X4 to give them the look of old wet plate images.

If you like, you can download the preset that I created for this here, it is the basis for my image development for many of my B/W images: Myanmar Old SW


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