Havanna LGBTI+ Hotel

Hotel Telegrafo becomes the first LGBTI+ hotel in Havana

Another mojito in the evening as a nightcap? Or take a midday break in the heat?


I can recommend the lounge in the Hotel Telegrafo. Very stylish, a mixture of let's say colonial remnants and 1960s GDR charm. 


You can feel that you are in Cuba. Out on the porch anyway. It is located at one of Havana's busy traffic hotspots: the corner of Prado and Neptuno. Nice to sit and people watch.

But also inside, although it is cool and quiet there. And really delicious mojitos and daquiris… 


By the way, I have a tip for going out to eat:

The house of the Association of Cuban Engineers just around the corner is divided into different areas like a club with a dining room, smoking lounge and bar, and Cuban engineers meet there in a relaxed manner. But guests are also welcome and a VDI certificate is not required. 

Very casual, tasty and cheap... And always someone there for an interesting conversation.


So I was in the Telegrafo often and gladly. And I hope that I can come back soon... 

Havanna Tele Dietmar Sebastian Fischer


The Hotel Telegrafo has existed since 1888, you could tell and it felt good..

However, it was renovated last year and should reopen in early 2021.


In 2019, Gaviota's first LGBTI-friendly hotel was opened on Cayo Guillermo in cooperation with an Asian hotel chain in Cuba. The Telegrafo is operated by Gaviota and a Spanish group. Incidentally, Gaviota is a tourism group that belongs to the Cuban armed forces and has a stake in many hotels through joint ventures, but also maintains bus and flight connections in the country.


reopening and inauguration

Unfortunately, a date has not yet been set and is said to depend on the resumption of regular flights and the possible reactivation of the tourism sector on the island. You may let me know!



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