Experience Havana

September 21 - 27, 2021

Unfortunately, the Havana Experience has to be postponed as it is not foreseeable that the current restrictions in Cuba will be lifted by September.  

stay tuned

Canceled once, rescheduled twice: November and March are the next dates.

With a decent discount for early bookers!

Havana Experience – an exclusive photo event!
Image design with light, lines and shapes
Reportage Photography & Visual Story Telling
architecture and street photography
Night photography, long exposures 

Inside Havana - what can you expect?

In Havana people live on the streets. From dawn until after midnight, street life in Cuba's capital is in constant motion.

The people of Cuba are very relaxed, interested and incredibly open to sharing their personal lives and their country with visitors. 

If you want, it's easy to look behind the superficial facades and discover a fascinatingly different world.

We start in the morning light with trips to the many different corners of Havana to take pictures of the awakening city. 

Then when it gets hot during the day, we usually withdraw and discuss, for example, the image results from the previous day. Or we drive to one of the beaches of the Playas del Este and swim a bit.

 Every day we go to selected places to get to know the Cubans and better understand their life in today's Havana. 

We don't need much for our pictures: The great light and the breathtaking surroundings in places like the Ciudadelas of Old Havana, Centro, Malecón, Monte, Cayo Huseo, Barrio Chino, Vedado and Santo Suarez.

During our excursions we will discover the very different parts of Havana and, after a short introduction, we will set new photographic priorities every day.

K6 Analog 6 jpg Dietmar Sebastian Fischer
Inside Havana. Portrait, analogue, available light
Camilo Guevara, der Sohn von Ernesto Che Guevara arbeitet im Centro de Estudios Che Guevara. In seinem Elternhaus auf der anderen Strassenseite habe ich ihn besucht.
Camilo Guevarra (center) and Friedhelm (Fidel) Böcker (right) with a mutual friend - Hope 2 see you all again!
Parkour Havanna TRIPTIC 1 jpg Dietmar Sebastian Fischer
Parkour in Havana

It is no coincidence that we will probably meet kids showing their parcours tricks in front of a Lost Place in a classic-modern architectural setting in a tropical ambience, a fascinating combination of architecture and street photography. Or professional boxers in a gym or ballet dancers who practice their figures on the Malecón in the morning and have their picture taken.

In any case, we will experience a lot of exciting and typically Cuban impressions and capture them photographically. 

We create a very personal reportage about the city. Each his own.

With photographic tasks, we will continue to approach more conscious image design and our own style of photography and come to a creative series of reports at the end of the journey. From this we will then create a joint photo magazine (of course only with the pictures that you want to contribute).

During breaks together, for example around lunchtime, I show my way of editing pictures and last but not least we will take the time to present our results in joint picture reviews.  

Workshop blocks, exploratory excursions and free time alternate. You will have the opportunity to create your very own Cuba reportage and focus on what is important to you about this city.

I keep the group small and prepare you for the adventure before you travel.

It's getting intense, here are the photo techniques we'll be practicing throughout the week:

  • street photography
  • portrait photography
  • City Scapes – Architecture Photography
  • Long exposures during the day and in the evening 
  • ICM - the allure of blurring. For example, try it out on passing vintage cars
  • night photography
  • Available Light: Using the available light correctly
  • optional: analogue photography, film development and enlargement of the images in the darkroom 
Havanna Fotoreise 014 jpg Dietmar Sebastian Fischer
La Copelia - THE ice cream parlor in Havana
(Maybe also a UFO)
Havanna Fotoreise 016 jpg Dietmar Sebastian Fischer
Ams beach at the gates of Havana

Experience and enjoy Havana

Photography is important on our trip. 

But it's also about feeling and enjoying the beauty of Havana.

We will roam the streets, but we will always take short breaks and discover what Havana has to offer in culinary terms. From small snack bars where Cubans get a hamburger (and they're really good!) and a refresco (a Cuban soda) to really stylish colonial-style bars where we enjoy delicious daiquiris, mojitos or a Cuba Libre. Who also likes with a cigar.

Old Havana is of course on our list, but it's just a very small part of the city. there is so much to explore  

I will show you the campus of a university, where we can photograph the playful architecture in the classic modern style. A part is still in use today, but there is also an abandoned part of the campus. There we will “accidentally” meet a few kids who are doing parcours exercises in front of the picturesque Lost Place backdrop and are happy to be photographed. 

With my friend Anthonio Hernandez, a photographer with a darkroom in Havana, I show you life in Cuba behind the scenes of the facades. You have the opportunity to take black and white pictures with an analogue camera and to develop and enlarge them in his darkroom on site. He can also lend you the cameras.

There are certainly people in Cuba who speak German almost fluently. One of them is Maikel. He is working on a documentary on “100 Years of Bauhaus” and can show us extremely beautiful buildings of classic modernism. 


Your workshop leader

My pictures should not show what I saw at the moment of taking the picture, but what I felt. 

That's what I try to convey to my workshop participants: Whether it's technically perfect documentation or a report with rough edges, find your way and go it!

190222 0003 Dietmar web 1 jpg Dietmar Sebastian Fischer


If you can see, you can also take photos. However, learning to see can take time.


workshop dates

Havana Experience: 7 Days Photography Workshop

21.9.2021 – 27.9.2021

Maximum 6 participants

895 euros (early bird 795)

including the Fischeyeexperience handbook “Travel report – personal and authentic”

Workshop management: Dietmar Sebastian Fischer with the support of Antonio hernandez.

The photo course is aimed at photographers who are keen to discover things, whether they are beginners or advanced. An equipment and packing list as a recommendation will be sent to the participants in advance.

Services not included:

Travel, accommodation, meals, tickets for admission and transport as well as expenses for personal needs. 

7 days of intense Havana experience and photography in a small group (minimum 3, maximum 6 people)

The participants plan their journey and accommodation individually and independently.

Optionally we can also live together in a beautifully renovated villa in the old town.    

Do you want to be there? Reserve your spot through this Form. You will then receive an invoice with a deposit and your place is secured. 

 I'm happy for you!


Reservation - Havana Experience

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