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  • Fischeyexperience photo courses are not lectures, but workshops with the aim of discovering and experiencing the different aspects of photography from new perspectives together. 
  • Beginners and advanced photographers are introduced to photography as an experience with the necessary information, practical exercises and the fun of taking photos. 
  • In the workshops we discover new ways of looking at photography together. In doing so, we pay attention to sensible rules of image design and composition, but also discover that it can sometimes be better to consciously disregard these rules.
  • Artistic architecture, street and portrait photography are the focus of my photography courses. Theory and technique only as far as necessary.
  • A small group size of the photo courses and trips enables the individual support of all participants and the response to your specific questions.

In my photo trips, several aspects are important to me:

  • Image style: Deepening our imagery
  • Story telling: Telling stories with pictures and series of pictures and taking the viewer with you emotionally on the journey
  • Experience: We don't just travel to take photos, but also to exchange experiences, talk shop and discover the places we have visited. A photo tour should always be an unforgettable group experience.
  • Creative relaxation: I prepare the trip so that we are in the right place at the right time for our photography, in between there is plenty of time for spontaneous drifting. 
  • You can leave the organization to me. You concentrate on the essentials: photographing and enjoying! 

photo workshops

Experience photography as a beginner and advanced photographer

Street photography, travel photography, portrait and nude photography


Have fun in small groups!

Photo tours, discoveries, experiences and photographic developments

portraitfotografie workshop karlsrsuhe
Freie Plätze vorhanden
Portrait photography workshop January 14, 2023 in Karlsruhe
145,00  VAT included.

Workshops in planning

Many thanks to all participants of the fischeye Experiences in 2022. Next year we will continue! 

I'm currently having a hard time planning for many new experiences! 

Stay tuned!

Never miss a workshop again!

Experience partners

Previous workshops

Dietmar Sebastian Fischer
Dietmar Sebastian Fischer
2209 WS NudeCity Ira Dietmar Sebastian Fischer
rascha titel Dietmar Sebastian Fischer

July 17: Street Style with Rascha in Mannheim

Street Photography Workshop:
Beauty photography with an authentic, natural look
Image composition in the style of classic street photography
Look for motifs and actively design them with the available light

BB Havanna Cancelled2 Dietmar Sebastian Fischer

Experience Havana: September '21

September 2021: The special photo trip to Havana with workshops on image design and storytelling. In addition to the tourist highlights, we look behind the scenes of the city and get to know the life of the Cubans.


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