Dietmar Sebastian Fischer - Havanna
Dietmar Sebastian Fischer in Venedig by Lena Eggers
Barcelona Experience

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I am with light value eV in Karlsruhe, as a volunteer photographer your star child and the Rhine-Neckar regional group Friendship Society Germany-Cuba committed.

Dietmar Sebastian Fischer

Born in Munich (1964), I now live in Nußloch in the triangle between Mannheim, Heidelberg and Karlsruhe.

I worked as a consultant, trainer and coach in IT for 20 years and supported customers worldwide in their projects, some of which lasted several years.

Does that have anything to do with photography?

Very much! Travel and photography became one for me. I was able to get to know many landscapes, cultures and people and because I liked it so much, I simply had to intensify it. 

So today I'm a photographer, I still travel and I still enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience. I enjoy supporting other people in developing their skills and making new experiences that leave lasting impressions!

I love capturing moods, this applies to people as well as to landscapes or city scapes. I want my pictures to show what I felt at the moment my camera was released, and not just what I saw. I love staging pictures as well as making a series of reports as a silent observer.

It fills me to be able to share all this with the participants of my workshops and now also of my photo trips.

Are you looking for a photographer and not a trainer? Gladly: You can also book me! 

I love photographing people, whether at an event such as weddings, family celebrations or business events. Or for a portrait, my specialty is branding portraits where you can show who you are and what is important to you.

Whenever you want, feel free to contact me, I'm happy!

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