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Cuba and Corona

A travel update on the state of affairs in 2021

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Updated 9/7/2021

COVID-19 7-day incidence for Cuba stands at 445.

51.5 % of the population have now received their first vaccination 36.4% have fought through.

Cuba assumes that by mid-November 90 percent of the population will have been vaccinated - from November 15 the borders are to open gradually. This emerges from a letter published by the Cuban Ministry of Tourism Mintur. By then, the hygienic protection regulations for entry should also be made more flexible.


Updated 7/20/2021


Updated 7/3/2021


Updated 6/28/2021

New vaccination dates:

5 different vaccine candidates are being developed and tested.

Soberana 2 and Abdala are the two for which testing is most advanced. However, Sobrena 2 is being tested with 3 doses, and there is no data yet on the effectiveness after the third vaccination.

After the 2nd vaccination, the efficacy was calculated as 62% for Sobrena 2 and 92% for Abdala.


To date, 1.3 million (out of 11 million) Cubans have been vaccinated. 

28% of the population was vaccinated at least once, 8.5% completely


The 7-day incidence is 128 per 100,000 population

On the List of risk areas of the RKI applies to Cuba since 28.1. as a “simple risk area”.





Entry into Cuba

Travel to Havana is possible. it flies, for example, Air France and Iberia.

PCR tests are required upon departure and purchase, as is a one-week quarantine in selected hotels.

Theres Foreign Office says:

Before unnecessary tourist trips to Cuba will currently due to high infection rates warned.

Travel in Cuba

Havana has a general curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Travel to Cuba is only possible to a limited extent, excursions from Varadero to Havana, for example, are not possible for package travelers.


Personally, I would not be traveling to Havana at this time, but am planning a trip for September.


In Cuba, three corona vaccines that were developed in Cuba are in the test phase. As a result, a relatively large number of people in Havana have already been vaccinated. 

There are no official figures on this, but I have heard from sources in Havana that they are hoping for the vaccines and subsequent mass tests to be released in July.

Package tours to Varadero are currently possible, but I don't find that interesting. The facilities cannot really be left.

With a higher vaccination rate and falling incidence rates, the Cuban government will certainly (okay, what's for sure right now...) relax restrictions. One simply hopes not to have to miss the summer holiday season.


Don't pin me down, but I think by late summer things were "normalizing".

Book flights, accommodation and package tours that you can easily cancel.

Air France, for example, offers this for flights:


  • For all travel up to and including December 31, 2021, you can request a refund of your ticket up until the departure of the first flight in your booking. If the fare conditions of your ticket do not allow a refund, you will receive a travel voucher valid for one year. You can have this voucher refunded at any time for one year from the date of issue.
(Source: AirFrance)

For other flights that do not have a cancellation option Opodo a service for flexible travel dates including COVID-19 protection if the ticket does not include a free rebooking.

Do you want to travel to Cuba?

Don't give up hope, but in my opinion, a little patience and prudence when planning your trip is unfortunately still appropriate 🙁

If possible, plan for September or later.



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