Lisset aus dem Essay Persona


people and their history

Photographic essays
by Antonio Hernández and me

Tony and I show our personal insights into the life and people of a city that fascinates us endlessly.  

Vernissage on September 9th, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. in Schwerte

From Thursday they can be seen, the pictures from 5 essays by Tony and me. 
Namely in the Volksbank Schwerte. All of this was organized by Friedhelm Böcker from and for Cuba-Hilfe Dortmund.

If you still want to be there: you're welcome!
Due to the current Corona rules, please only register, invite and provide proof of one of the 3 Gs.

Just send an email to and Friedhelm will send an invitation if there are still places available.


The exhibition catalog with all images and texts can also be downloaded as a zine to buy. 

You are also supporting the projects of Cuba Help. Many Thanks.

Oh yes, and as an eZine you can also view the catalog online.

Have fun and maybe we'll see each other in Dortmund on Thursday.



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